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The most humanistic of the sciences; the most scientific of the humanities.

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WHY Choose Anthropology?

What does it mean to be a human? Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present, including human culture, societies, social relations, biology and evolution. You’ll delve into languages, music, art, architecture and evidence of where and how people lived and how people have changed over time. Unearth clues about where your ancestors came from.


  • Examine how cultures and societies have changed, communicated and survived or failed
  • Learn about humans as biological organisms from an evolutionary perspective
  • Study the supernatural aspects of societies, including witchcraft, magic, mythology, superstitions and religion
  • Explore the roles of legends, symbolism, rites of passage, linguistics and drug use in different cultures over time


An associate of arts in anthropology degree can lead to work doing ground-level research and writing surveys, and it also provides the foundation for further studies in anthropology, which can lead to careers in teaching, research or applied anthropology.

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